About Bernard Telephone

About Bernard Telephone

Company Information

Since 1957, Bernard Telephone Company has been serving Northeast Iowa and the towns of Bernard and Leisure Lake. We strive to provide you the best in Telecommunications, Internet, Wireless Internet, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), and Cellular services.

The company continues to grow and prosper financially, as well as develop and offer new services and the latest technology.

The company’s employees include:
• Kyle Manders, General Manager
• Danielle Connolly, Office Administrator
• Billy Kremer, Service Technician
• Matt King, Service Technician
• Megan Brehm, Administrative Assistant
• Mike Gassman, Service Technician

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Billing Information

Bills are due, in the office, on the 20th of every month. If your payment is made after the 20th it will not show as paid on your next bill.

If you choose to use our free automated payment service your payment will be made from your bank to ours on the 20th of the month. Download and return the form below.

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Bernard Telephone Company
110 Jess Street
Bernard, Iowa 52032